Bridgewater VA AERATION


Aeration is the breaking down of the soil to provide space for air, water, and nutrients to reach deep in the soil to the roots. This process will aid in helping your roots grow deeper in the soil and have longer, wider, and stronger grass blades. Having deeper roots helps the grass fight minor grub worm issue and tolerate more stress from drought because the roots are reaching deeper to find the water supply.

A common component of a Bridgewater VA aeration and lawn restoration is mechanical aeration with the use of a mechanical machine called an aerator to ride on or walk behind to pull plugs of dirt out of the lawn. This creates holes every 3-6 inches ranging from 2-4 inches deep depending on lawn conditions. Once those plugs are established, water, air and nutrients are able to penetrate deep into the soil. The plugs that are laying on top of the ground are then broken by rain or irrigation and returned into the soil. This is done in the fall and at this time you will overseed your lawn to repair any damage done by fungus, grubs, summer heat stress, etc.



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