Bridgewater VA Shrubs & hedges


In the Shenandoah Valley, shrubs and hedges begin to wake from their winter dormancy in late February.  Slowly they continue to grow as early spring arrives. At Virginia Landscape Co., we want you to stay ahead of your shrubs by getting them pruned and shaped properly in early spring. Because your shrubbery will continue to fill out throughout the growing season, often a second trim in mid-summer and a third trim again in early fall is needed.

Leave it to Virginia Landscape Co. to handle all your Bridgewater VA shrub & hedge trimming, leaving your home looking its best year-round.  Following best management practices, we remove dead limbs which can lead to disease and do damage to other limbs. This pruning process encourages air and sunlight to penetrate deeply into the greenery and minimizes problems with fungus and disease. We also thin out the outer leaf cover and trim the plants to encourage a healthy and attractive shape. We always use the right tool for the job wether it be pruners, loppers, shears, and hedge trimmers to suit your plants’ needs. Removal or relocation of plants is also available. One-time visits or custom scheduling is available.


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As a small, locally owned & operated business, Virginia Landscape Company strives for complete customer satisfaction on every job.  We offer the #1 guarantee in the industry to ensure you are thrilled with our performance.