The best times to do your Penn Laird VA overseeding project are September and October being that the weather is optimal, the right air temperature, and the proper soil temperature. This is important because it’s a must that we prevent grass seed from drying out in the hot days of summer. Under certain circumstances, we will do seeding projects in the spring but ideally, prefer the fall.

We go over and beyond to pick the best grass seed for quality, performance, disease resistance, color, and drought tolerance. It is important to choose the best seed to have the best results and give that deep green color we all love. Often seed excels over sod in that seeding is more BUDGET FRIENDLY and doesn’t have to endure the stress of being cut up and moved. The seed is grown in one place, the roots are established and turf is never transplanted. Meaning its birth place is its home. Unlike sod which is grown in one place, cut on, bought to a new site and laid. This puts a lot of stress on the turf so it’s important to get the sod laid down quickly and allow the root system to establish.


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