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We are a family owned lawn maintenance company located in Harrisonburg, VA.  We serve dozens of neighborhoods in the Shenandoah Valley area.  Some of the more popular areas we serve are Bridgewater, Dayton, Harrisonburg, McGaheysville and Penn Laird.  We trust that you are either in, or nearby, one of these communities or have seen our lawn trucks driving around town.  We have tons of happy clients and would love to have you on board!

I’m thrilled you’re considering Virginia Landscaping Co. to take care of your home.  I’d like to tell you what makes us different than anyone else you might consider for your lawn maintenance needs.  We start with communication and punctuality.  If we say we will be there on Fridays, we show up on Fridays.  We are going to show up to your property looking as sharp as we can in this industry..  We’re going to use professional lawn equipment.  We are going to weed eat around every obstruction such as fences, shrubs, light posts, and anywhere else our mowers will not reach.  Your property’s hard surfaces are edged with a metal blade edger every service leaving a crisp, manicured look you will love.  Finally we are going to blow all the concrete and hard surfaces clean.  We double check our work and make sure all the gates are locked!  

Lawn Mowing

The long term beauty of your lawn is important to our success.  We follow best management practices to keep your lawn healthy and vibrant.  For example, we follow the 1/3 rule that dictates that you should never remove more a third of the grass blade at any given time so as not to cause unnecessary stress to the lawn.

Each time we visit your home, we carefully trim around all obstructions at the height of the lawn.   We go the extra mile by using a stick edger to leave a sharp crisp edge wherever your lawn meets hard surfaces.  Finally we blow off all hard surfaces, leaving your property with that manicured look that you will love!


A great looking lawn requires a consistent program of maintenance & renovation.  Most soil types tend to compact and harden over time, preventing water and nutrients from reaching deep into your root system. 

One of the best ways to give your lawn a makeover is the combination of aeration and reseeding.  An aerating machine pulls plugs of soil and thatch out and deposits them on the surface to break down.  In the meantime, nutrients, water and fertilizers can more readily penetrate roots more deeply.

This is the perfect time for overseeding, preparing your lawn for a great season!


Mulch or stone are key to creating a beautiful, well- manicured landscape.  Mulch & stone often ties together the various aspects of the landscape creating a finished and uniform appearance.

In addition to looking great, mulch provides other essential benefits to your garden.  Mulch helps to lock in moisture, minimizing evaporation.  As organic mulch breaks down, it adds organic matter to your soil.

Perhaps the best part of a thick layer of mulch is the fact that it significantly reduces weed growth, minimizing time spend weeding and minimizing the need for toxic, chemical weed control.


Proper plant pruning and shrub trimming can enhance both enhance the appearance while increasing plant health and longevity.   Some plants are not appropriate for mechanical sheers.  In those cases we utilize hand pruning. 

 We are experienced at identifying areas of need and the proper technique required to trim and prune shrubs and hedges to achieve the desired effect while maintaining plant health and safety.  Some gardens are more formal with tightly cropped plantings while others strive for a more natural growth pattern.

Pruning and trimming are two of the most valuable skills of an experienced landscaper,  Improper pruning can do significant damage to a plant’s health and appearance.


When done right, planting beds can keep your property looking its best by complimenting your home’s architectural design instead of detracting from it.  When left unattended, beds result in overgrowth, weeds, poor soils and a neglected appearance.  Our garden bed maintenance services can include weed control, soil cultivation, edge definition, raking, and plant care to keep your gardens looking beautiful year round.

 We can help keep your home’s planting beds healthy and healthy with regular services so that you can enjoy a beautiful landscape without you having to put in the hours of maintenance.



We offer a variety of options to help our customers design and create the ideal landscape they envision. Wether you would like to create a brand new planting bed or renovate and rebuild an existing one, we can help.  We carefully mix a variety of colors, textures and shapes to produce results resulting in a landscape that enhances your homes natural architecture. We can help turn your home or business into the best looking piece of property on the block!





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As a small, locally owned & operated business, Virginia Landscape Company strives for complete customer satisfaction on every job.  We offer the #1 guarantee in the industry to ensure you are thrilled with our performance.